In 1982 we established Bishop Orchard as one of the premier pear orchards in Southern Oregon, Our mission was simple, provide our community with the highest quality pears Oregon can grow, working with legendary distributors like Harry & David we achieved just that! After 35 years we decided it was time for a new adventure. In 2015 we transitioned from growing high-quality sun-grown pears to growing high-quality sun-grown cannabis.

Our mission stayed the same, We strive to provide Oregon with the highest quality sun-grown cannabis Oregon can produce! Since our transition to cannabis, we have been through our fair share of ups and downs. Through it all, we’ve kept our values and continue to strive to bring you the most ethically and organically grown cannabis on the market. We continue to evolve as a farm and brand in the coming year, you can expect to see us unveil a host of new products including small-batch greenhouse-grown, light deprivation cannabis for constant fresh and rotating strains on top of our beautiful sun-grown outdoor cannabis. We appreciate everyone who has kept us going throughout the years, and look forward to providing Oregon with the best possible products we can.