Lil Bish Pre-Roll Packs

Lil Bish boxes are a pack of 10 half-gram pre-rolls made to order.

Grown, ground, and rolled solely by the Bishop Orchard crew using 100% nugs never trim or shake.

  • Bronze boxes consist of just 1 strain.
  • Silver boxes consist of one or more strains¬†
  • Gold boxes consist of either infused pre-rolls or a special small-batch
    strain we deem worthy of the illustrious gold label.
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Bishop Orchard plants

are grown in covered living soil which provides the roots with protection from the sun, promotes surface root growth,
limits unwanted plant growth (weeds), and conserves irrigation water.

All of our plants are pruned to promote outward growth, limit B bud production allowing for more and bigger A buds, as well as providing us ffective pest prevention by exposing the center of each plant.

Every plant is topped and trained to promote branching and increase canopy cover.

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